Red Velvet Brownies, Cream cheese brownie , How to make, simple

Red velvet flavour have its own story , it feels so tasty when we serve with cream cheese , so we are making best easy and simple red velvet cream cheese brownie with easy recipe. Ingradients:- White chocolate:- 100 gm Unsalted butter:- 110 gm Icing sugar :- 75 Egg :- 2 nos salt:- 1 pinch White vinegar :- 2 tsp Red food colour:- As required Flour :- 60 GM  Coco powder : 10 GM  Cream cheese:-300 gm  Sugar:- 60  GM  Vanilla extract: 1TSP  Coen starcg : 12 GM  Milk: 40 ML  Process of making :- Red velvet brownie . 1:For making red velvet brownie first we take white chocolate and butter in a bowl and keep it on double boiler, untill it start melting. 2: Now add sugar and mix well. 3:- Now add pinch of salt. 4.Now add egg not two at a time. 5: Now add white vinegar and keep mixing and add red gel colour. 6: At last add flour and coco powder and mi well , dont overmix . 7: Now in another bowl take cream cheese and sugar and vanilla essence and mixx well , Now take another small bowl and take corn starch and milk and mix well ,And incorporate milk mix into cream cheese mix. 8: Now pour the brownie batter in greased tin , And keep 5 tsp of redvelvet brownie batter for later , And now place cheese cream batter on top. 9: Spot some tsp of leftover brownie batter on top and make a marble effect on top using toothpick. 10: Bake in preheated oven 160 DC for 25 to 30 minutes . Now redvelvet brownie is ready. 11: Now cool completely befour serve. Thanks for visitng

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