choco lava cake
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Choco lava Cake :-

Choco lava cake is the one of the best american cuisine dessert, this dessert is the best dessert for impress someone with chocolate. This is a unbelieveble dessert it seems like a cooked cake but it is full with lava inside it , when we crack it with spoon waaaw a amazing melted chocolate coming out.

Choco lava cake
Choco lava cake

seriously when i made it first time i never exepected when i crack it a rich melted chocolate will come out. this amazing choco lava cake can be ready in within 25 minutes , and if making this with proper way it can be stored in refrigrator upto 4 month, and for serving microwave it as required .

This amazing dessert can be made at any occassion and using homely ingradients .The best indivisual dessert This is slightly undercooked unbelievable dessert are easy to make at home. This is chocolate lover dream cake .

hey i am chef gulshan and in this blog i will learn you how to make this amazing desert at home with step by step process so get in this blog….

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Ingradients for making Lava cake

BUTTER:-Always use the unsalted butter for best taste .

CHOCOLATE:- Use full sweetend chocolate for perfect and tasty lava cake, When i am making lava cake i uses full dark chocolate cake , because it taste is feels amazing .

EGGS :- The eggs makes a great role in making any cakes or any dessert, eggs makes the cake extra richness andextra creaminess

FLOUR:- The work of flour is making the structure ok the cake .

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Course , Calorie , and baking time and temperature :-

Cuisine :- American

Catagory:- dessert

Preparation time :- 10 minutes

Cooking time :- 8 minutes

Cooling time :- 2 minutes

Total timing :- 20 minutes

Calories:- 383 Kacl per serving

Ingradients :-

Butter:- 226 gm

Chocolate:- 350 gm

Eggs:- 4Nos

Egg yolks:- 4 nos

Sugar:- 100 gm

Salt:- 2 pinch

flour;- 50 gm

Coffee powder :- As required ( optional)

Process of making :-

1:-First ready the lava cake mould .

2:- Now in bowl take butter , dark chocolate and coffee , and melt it using microwave or at double boiler and melt it .

3:- Now in stand mixer bowl take egg and salt beat it at fast speed. untill it becomes peaks forms .

4:- Now add melted chocolate in it and fold it using spetula ,

5:- Now add all purpose flour and fold using spetula .

6:-Now pour the Batter in baking mould and bake it at preheated oven at 200 degree celcius for 8 minutes

7:- Cool it for 2 minutes and serve it warm .

8:- Put it in mould and dust with icing sugar or serve with vanilla ice cream .

Can we store lava cake ?

yes upto 2 month

Is lava cake hot or cold?

Lava cake can be served both hot and cool, but if you want molten texture then you need to microwave the cake .

How do you heat a molten lava cake?

yes lava cake can be preheated in microwave for upto 30 seconds.

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