Egg Roll , how to make , spicy and delicious

About Egg Roll:- Egg roll is a Chinese-American cuisine food which is very famous in the world , .Egg roll is a best selling street food in the american and chinese , this is full of rosted vgetable in crunchy and thin chapati . Mouth watering just thiking this name , this amazing food served warm , To make egg roll, roasted vegetables are placed on chappati and rolled . The reaction to make it is cuite easy. To make it, first of all its base is prepared which is a very thin roti made of all purpose flour. When the base is ready then we will cut all the vegetables and add spices and stire fry the . Today’s recipe is an American chinese cuisine recipe whereas today’s recipe is our own , we have been making it for the last 10 years and a streeet chef taught us how to make it, Whose method was quite unique . How my street chef makes Egg roll When we use to go to that street chef , there used to be a long queue for egg roll. To make the egg roll, the roti which was the base of the roll was kept ready in advance and was slightly cooked . He would first put some oil on the pan and then put a thin thin layer of bread would be formed on it , then it would , He would cook it from both the sides and then move it little to one side , Then he would have the pre prepared masala ,put it in some oil and roast it and then put it on top of the end and then on top of that . He used to add some chutney , mix it and spread it on the roti. And then he would wrap it and make a roll. Main ingradients for Rgg Roll Flour :- The all purpose flour is the main ingradient for making egg roll. It id use for making roll base. Eggs:- Egg is the main ingradient of this recipe . Sliced vegetables:- Sliced vegetsbles are used for msking filling of egg roll. Spices:- Spices are used for inhence the taste of any dish. Chutney:- Chutney are used for making roll tasty and aamazing . Recipe :- INGRADIENTS:- FOR BASE:- Flour:- 600 gm Salt:- 6 gm Suger:- 20 gm Oil:- 2 tsp Water:- As required ( 150 – 200 gm ) FOR FILLING:- Oil:- Ginger garlic paste Green chilli:- Ginger:- Garlic:- Carrot:- Onion :- Capsicum:- Tomato:- Cabbage:- Tomato:- Tomato ketchup:- Schezwan sauce:- Mix spice powder:- Process of Making:- Egg Roll base or Roti 1:- First take a bowl 2:- and in bowl take Flour 3:- Now add sugar. 4:-Now add salt . 5:- Now add water. 6:- And knead the dough by adding water. 7:- Now put the oil and Make smooth dough and cover it with cotton cloth and keep the dough for 20 minutes rest . 8:- Now Roll the dough 170 mm thick and 7 cm diameter circle . 9:-Now bake the base 30%. Egg Roll filling 10:-To make the filling of egg roll, first add oil in Pan. 11:- When the oil becomes hot, add finely chopped ginger and garlic and ginger garlic paste to it and fry it well. 12:- Now add sliced ​​carrot, onion, capsicum, tomato and cabbage and fry well. 13:- Now add tomato ketchup, season sauce and some spices, salt and cook it well. 14:- Now take the roti and bake one side till 70%, now pour the egg over the baked roti and mix well. 15:- Now take the roti aside and pour Schezwan sauce and tomato ketchup over it and then put the filling we have made earlier on it. 16:- Now add some chopped onion, coriander leaves and if you want, you can also add some lemon juice over the filling. Some Important point for making Egg roll Thanks for visiting How to make best schezwan sauce How to make schezwan sauce recipe 2 Try my best bake cheese cake recipe Banana pudding recipe

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