vegetable grill sandwich
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About Sandwich:-

vegetable grill sandwich
vegetable grill sandwich

Sandwich is a famous dish of mumbai india ,Mumbai’s famous sandwich is made both grilled and toasted. Very healthy and juicy to eat, which fills the stomach just by eating one piece. This is a very simple dish which can be made very easily. To make it, bread, butter, green and red chutney, green vegetables, cheese and many spices are used to add flavor to the sandwich. Although it is a famous continental dish of India, which is mostly made in Mumbai, but now it has started making it in every state too, so every place has its own different way of making it. Like Mumbai Toast Sandwich is most famous in Mumbai.

Main Ingradients for making vegetable grill sandwich :-

vegetable grill sandwich
vegetable grill sandwich

Slice Bread :-Sliced bread is the uppermost part of the sandwich and is filled with vegetables in the middle.When sliced ​​bread is roasted, it gives a crispy taste.Sour dough bread or gluten free bread is great for making sandwiches because it gets grilled or toasted very quickly.

Chutney:-The green chutney we use to make sandwiches is normally made of coriander and green chillies, sometimes it is also made by adding mint to it.And if this chutney is not available then you can also use green chilli or red chilli sauce .

Vegetables:-Cut vegetables like tomato, cucumber, green bell pepper, red onion into very fine rounds.

Butter:-Applying butter on the sandwich adds color to it and since it is grilled, it becomes a different treat when eaten. And to make sandwiches, always take butter of normal temperature.

To make a sandwich, any kind of cheese can be added to it. It is not necessary that you add mozzarella cheese in it, you can add mozzarella cheese, slice cheese or many other things in it. Due to the cheese, an elasticity is formed inside the sandwich, and when the sandwich is made, it gets a different feeling due to the cheese.

Spices:-To make sandwich, chaat masala is required but if you want something more tasty. If you want spicy you can add more spices.

vegetable grill sandwich
vegetable grill sandwich

How is sandwich chutney prepared:-

To make green chutney, firstly the stalk of green chilli is broken and then ginger, mint and coriander leaves are added to it to make the best sandwich

vegetable grill sandwich
vegetable grill sandwich


Slice bread


Sliced vegetables :-

Chat masala:-

Spices :-



Process of Making :- ( How to make sandwich step by step) :-

Preparation of chutney

1:- To make green chutney , first break the green chillis into small pieces , then add ginger , garlic mint leaves , coriender leaves and salt in the mixer and grind them well , now your chutney is ready .

2:-Now take jumbo size slices of bread , and then we will apply butter on it and spread green chutney .

3:- Now cut the vegetables in thik round .

4:-Now make a layer of slices of vegetables on the bread, and add chaat masala in each layer.

5:-Now process cheese is graded above vegetable and and put the second bread slice on top

6:- Now spread some butter on top and grill in. Griller at high speed untill sandwich grilled.

7:-Now slices the sandwich in half , and serve hot.

vegetable grill sandwich
vegetable grill sandwich


Importance point for making vegetable grill cheese sandwich :-

1:- Use the best bread for making sandwich. I prefer for using sourdough or multigrain bread , because it becomes crispy quickly.

2:- Use fresh chutney for making sandwich.

3:- Thinly slice all the vegetables.

5:-Chat masala is compulsory in every layer of vegetables.

6:- For best results grill the sandwich until becomes crispy.

7:- You can use Schezwan sauce insted of green chutney for extra spicyness.

8:- You can toast sandwich instead of grilling.

vegetable grill sandwich
vegetable grill sandwich


Nutition and calories:-

Serving 153 gm of sandwich

Calories :-301 gm , Total Fat:-10 gm ,

Cholesterol:- 25 mg , Sodium :- 525 mg ,

carbohydrates:- 39 gm , Protien:- 13 gm

Which bread is best for making sandwich .

Brown bread , multigrained bread and sourdough breead is best for making best and cryspy sandwich.

Is sandwich is healthy for good health.

If you are eating in limit then sandwich is good for health because it is consist of vegetables and vegetables are good source of calorie.



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