Baked cheese cake


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Cheese cake is a type of dessert , this is made by two way cooked and non cooked ,this is moslty in two layers one layer is cookies and second layer is made of cheese , cootage cheese , cream cheese and mixture of eggs . Maximum chef makes this dessert by baking in double boiler , This dessert can be stored many days in refrigator.

Baked cheese cake with fruit topping

cheese cake is a famous dishes in greece , cheeese cakes made in different ways in different country , cheese cakes are many types like bvarian cheese cake , thuringian quarktort cheese cake , french cheese cake , german cheese cake , romanian cheese cake , new york cheese cake , japaneese no bake cheese cake .


Here are the some importance tips for cheese cake

  • Bake baked cheese cake in double boiler.
  • Dont remove cheese cake immediately after baking.
  • cool completely befour refrigation.
  • Mix the btter properly.


Decorate your cheese cake with your desired flavoures like ..

  • Chocolate chesse cake .
  • strawberry cheese cake .
  • Fruit and nut cheese cake.
  • caramel cheese cake .
  • cheese cake with icecream.


Most important things to store cheese cake After baking.

  • Leave it in oven for atleast 3 hours
  • cool completely before refrigation .
  • keep in deep freezer if want to store for many months
  • Freeze without removing mould.
  • Keep in normal freezer befour serving.
  • Dont freeze cheesecake with topping .

Country of origin: greece

Ingradients: Cream cheese , Sugar ,Fresh cream , eggs, , vanilla essence.


Recipe: for cheese cake batter

Cream cheese: 4 kg

Fresh cream: 5 ltr

Castor sugar: 1500 gm

Eggs: 48 nos[ remove 7 yolks]

vanilla essence: few drops

Recipe: {for the crust}

Biscuits: 510 gm

Butter: 240 ml

Honey: 130 gm

Process of making Baked Cheese Cake:

1. First of all , we will take out the cream cheese from refrigator and keep it outside so that it comes to room temperature.

2. Now wrap the mold with silver foil from outside and down , Leaving the top part so that water does not go inside while baking.

3.Now grind the biscuits and add melted butter and honey to it and mix it very well, then put it in mold and prepare the crust.

4: Now put normal temperature cream cheese in a plentery mixer and beat it on slow speed , Then add custar sugar to it and mix untill sugar melt, when both are well mixed , then add egg and mix on slow speed , keep in mind that add only one egg at a time.

5: When the cheese , sugar , and egg mix well , then add fresh cream and vanilla essence and filter the batter well.

6: Now fill the batter according to the ,mould.

7: Now bake 75 to 80 minutes at 160 degree celcius temperature with double boiler method.

8: Now when the cheese cake is baked , then leave it in the oven for 1 to 2 hours .Then take it out of the oven and cool it completely and after it cools down serve it by topping or refrigate it.

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