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Coconut cake recipe mary berry is very delicious recipe which we can also serve with tea in the morning. By using this we can also make coconut sponge or make dry cake or make cupcakes.

Tips for making coconut cake:- This recipe has to be made by paying attention to the time of making the cake, because if it is not made well, then its shape will get spoiled.

At the time of making the cake, whatever ingredient we use should be at room temperature.

Do not mix the cake batter too much otherwise the cake will not become fluffy

Never add sugar or flour all at once. Pour little by little and mix it smoothly.

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Duration for Coconut Cake Recipe

Making timing:- 1 hours

baking timing:- 30 to 35 minutes

frosting and decorating time 0.30 hours

Calorie in 100 gm cake :- 356 gm calories

Ingredients:- Coconut Cake Recipe Mary Berry

  • Cake Flour:- 230 gm
  • cornflour:- 30 gm
  • Unsalted butter:- 250 gm
  • Icing sugar:- 170 gm
  • Eggs:- 6 Nos
  • vinegar:- 5 ml
  • Coconut essence:- 7 ml
  • Coconut powder:- 50 gm
  • Oil :- 60 ml
  • Milk:- 30 ml

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For coconut buttercream:-

  • Unsalted Butter:- 500 gm
  • Sugar:- 300 gm
  • Coconut essence :- Few drops

Process of Making Coconut

1:- Take all purpose flour and cornflour in a bowl and sieve it well 5 to 6 times.

2:- Now take two bowls, take egg yolk in one and egg white in the other.

3:- Now beat the egg white in a stand mixer or with the help of a hand beater, until little foam comes, now add icing sugar little by little and beat it.

4:- Now put egg yolk and salt in another bowl and mix it with the help of a whisk.

5:- Now put the egg yolk mixture in the egg white mixture and just fold it well and mix, don’t mix too much..

6:- Now pour the flour little by little into the egg mixture and mix with the help of a spatula.

7:- Take oil, milk, coconut essence in a bowl and mix it well, now take out a little of the cake mixture and put it in a bowl with oil and mix it well.

8:- Now put this mixture in the cake batter and mix it gently.

9:- Now put coconut powder in it and mix it smoothly.

10:- Now fill the cake batter in parchment paper lined mould, and spread few amount of coconut power on it , bake in preheated oven at 160 degree for 30 minutes.

11:- Now cake is ready cool completely before serve.

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Cake Frosting:-

1:– Now we will make butter cream for frosting the cake, so to make butter cream, first of all we will take unsalted butter which is at very normal room temperature and put it in a stand mixer and beat it well until it is completely creamy. It is done, now add icing sugar little by little and keep on beating, now when the sugar is completely mixed then add coconut essence in the last and mix.

2:- Now if you want to make a cake, then cut the sponge into 3 layers and layer it with more butter cream, if you want, you can also use coconut powder in the layer.

3:- And if you want to decorate the cupcake with buttercream, fill the buttercream in a piping bag and drop it with a nozzle. or make a design

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Q. Can I use coconut flour instead of self-raising flour?

Ans. If you want to increase the taste of your cake then you can go for coconut flour, but in some cases the answer is NO because it makes the cake more alter.

Q. What is coconut cake made of?

Ans. 1. Cake Flour:- 230 gm
2. cornflour:- 30 gm
3. Unsalted butter:- 250 gm
4. Icing sugar:- 170 gm
5. Eggs:- 6 Nos
6. vinegar:- 5 ml
7. Coconut essence:- 7 ml
8. Coconut powder:- 50 gm
9. Oil :- 60 ml
10. Milk:- 30 ml

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