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French Fries | Finger chips |How to make |Crispy and perfect – 2023

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How to make french fries

Hello chefs , today we are going to make fries and i will teach you how to make finger chips . We will make finger chips recipe in a very homely style and using household items. By the way, we make many types of fries like chicken fries, mutton fries, fish fries, today we will make a very easy fries which is our potato fries..

So, our potato which is very favorite of the people, and if we fry the same thing today and make it a little crispy, then it becomes even more tasty.

french fries with cheese dressing

When we serve with spices in french fries, then the test becomes absolutely wonderful, so today’s recipe will be fried by coating it in spices and then served with its sauce.

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Basic useful tips for making French fries or Finger chips.

  • The size of potato used to make french fries should be big.
  • It is not necessary to peel potatoes to make french fries. French fries can be made without peeling potatoes.
  • If you are making potato fries without peeling, then wash the potatoes very well.
  • Do not fry the french fries on very high flame, this will only color the top, rest will remain good from inside.
  • When french fries are fried at standard temperature, the fries are very crispy.

French Fries Duration:-

Preparation Timing:- 20 minutes

Frying timing:- 7-10 minutes

Total Timing :- 25 – 30 minutes

Today’s recipe will be very soft from inside, but completely crisp from outside.

Calories and Nutrition:-

french fries recipe

312 gm of calories in 100 gm of french fries

15 gm fat in 100 gm of french fries

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How to Cook french fries

So we will tell you step by step the recipe of how French fry is made, so let’s know how it will be made?

Spices for making Finger Chips Recipe:-

finger chips recipe

In the recipe of french fries, we are going to make it using garlic, onion, capsicum, chilli powder and salt.

How to Make spices French Fries:-

If you are making french fries at home, then pay attention to some special things like after cutting the potato, immediately put it in cold water so that its color does not change.

Sieve the flour first, then add the spices and make a batter by adding water little by little.

Dry the French fries thoroughly before adding them to the batter.

Fry french fries at the right temperature

Some tips for making French Fries:-

  • For making French fries use big size potato.
  • Use old potatos not new born, because born potatos are sweeter.
  • Before frying drain the sliced potato using towels.
  • If possible use thermometer for check temperature of oil before frying.

Ingredients For French Fries:-

Potatos peeled:-1 kg
Vegetable oil:-500 ml
Flour:-120 gm
Garlic powder:-1 TSP
onion powder:-1 TSP
Paparika:-1 TSP
Salt:-1 TSP or as taste
Water:-As required

Step-By-Step Making of Finger Chips Recipe:-

1:-First of all, wash the potatoes thoroughly with cold water. peel it off or leave it as it is.

2:- Now cut the potatoes into long finger cuttings.

3:- Now keep the cut potatoes in cold water so that its color does not turn brown.

4:- Use a thick pan to fry french fries and Keep the oil to heat.

5:-Now sieve the flour in a bowl, then put all the spices and salt in it, then add some water to it and prepare the batter.

6:- Now take out the fries from the water and dry them with a towel, then drip them in the batter and fry them at 175 to 180⁰ç temperature For 7- 10 minutes until golden brown and crispy.

7:- Serve hot and crispy…with tomato ketchup or with cheese dressing.

Some useful tricks:-

  1. Never cook french fries on high heat.
  2. French fries can be kept in deep freezer by half frying which will not spoil for 1 years.
  3. Use less sweet potatos.
  4. Use big size potato.
  5. Use chipsona potatos.
  6. You can use either peeled or unpeeled potatos.


1:- French fries recipe list?

Potatos peeled
Vegetable oil
Garlic powder
onion powder

2:- French fries ingredients?

All purpose flour , salt , onion powder , garlic powder , paparika , salt , oil , water and potato.

3:- How to make crispy fries with flour ?

For making more crispy fries use rice flour.

4:- How to make crispy french fries with cornstarch?

You cake use same recipe but flour and cornstarch 70:30

5:- Are french fries healthy for us?

No french fries are not healthy for us , because it is consist of a lot of corn starch and it is not good for brain . We should eat french fries in limit.

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