Oreo icecream

Oreo Ice cream | How to make Oreo Ice Cream | Best and amazing recipe | 2023

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Oreo Ice Cream

So today is going to be our own recipe, that is Oreo ice cream recipe, so today in this blog, we will teach you how to make oreo ice cream in detail and tell you about the machines used to make Oreo ice cream, how it is made and what machines are used to make it.

So let us tell you that ice cream is almost of the same type. So today’s own Oreo ice cream, we will use Oreo biscuits to make it and along with it we will also use some chocolate so that the whole of our own ice cream is very dark and attractive to look at. And in its garnishing also we will put pieces of oreo biscuits

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The name of ice cream is such that after hearing it, water comes in the mouth.Ice cream or is such a dessert which is very relaxing after eating it. Especially when your weather is very hot and you get ice cream at that time, its pleasure is differentBy the way, ice cream has been made for many years. No one knows completely about its history. But wherever it was made for the first time, the weather must have been very cold there.

Ice cream is a type of dessert which is made and kept in the fridge to set. Since then it is served after being set.By the way, things like milk, sugar, cream etc. are used to make ice cream and ice cream of every flavor can be made in your modern times.Such as chocolate flavored strawberry flavored pineapple flavored butterscotch flavored honey and lemon flavored, oreo flavoured.

Oreo ice cream

Why we love ice cream:-

99 out of every 100 men who love ice cream very much.This thing is such that after eating, the whole heart gets relief and especially if you have come from very hot weather or your throat is completely dry, then it is fun to eat.Oreo ice cream is my very favorite ice cream and the recipe I am going to teach you is a homemade recipe and you can make very good ice cream using it.

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Oreo ice cream

Types of ice cream:-

By the way, many types of ice cream are made all over the world. But today we are going to tell you something about ice cream, knowing which you will be shocked. Are there so many types of ice cream? So today we are going to tell you about 20 types of ice cream. Different types of ice cream also have different shapes and are eaten in different ways. Some ice cream is sucked by holding it in the hand, some ice cream is eaten with the help of a spoon, and some ice cream is also drunk after putting it in the glass.

  • Gelato
  • Soft ice cream
  • Sorbet
  • sherbat
  • Rolled ice cream
  • Ice popsicle
  • Shaved ice
  • Kulfi
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Faluda
  • Dondurma ice cream
  • Mochi ice cream
  • Ice cream cake
  • Granita
  • Italian ice cream
  • Garnita
  • Itatlian Ice cream
  • Neapoliten ice cream
  • Boza ic cream
  • Zuccotto
  • Fried ice cream

Tools for making ice cream:-

By the way, many types of machines are used to make ice cream, but those who make ice cream at home use hand beater and where it is made in a little more quantity, ice cream crusher machine is used.

Oreo ice cream

Uses of ice cream:-

Ice cream is used to make milkshakes and thandai.


Oreo250 gm
Condensed milk250 gm
Whip cream500 gm
Glucose syrup50 gm

Process of making Oreo Ice Cream :

1First crush the Oreo biscuits.

Crushed Oreo for Oreo icecream

2:- Now take condensed milk and whipping cream in a bowl, and whisk to soft peaks.

Whipping white cream

3:- Now pour the crushed Oreo in and mix softly with spetula.

Pouring crushed Oreo in cream

4:- Pour the batter in mould and refrigerate for atleast 12 hours for best results.



NOTE:- Glucose syrup is optional…

FAQs – Oreo Ice Cream

what is oreo icecream made of ?

Oreo ice cream is made of whipping cream , condensed milk , oreo cookies .

who makes oreo cookie ice cream ?

Mostly every brand are making oreo cookie ice cream

What is the name of the icecrem with oreo ?

Oreo cookie icecream

Does oreo make ice cream ?

No , oreo dosenot make ice cream because that is a type of product. Oreo flavored ice crem is made using oreo.

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