Paneer pasanda

Paneer pasanda , how to make , easy recipe

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Paneer pasanda

Paneer Pasanda is a very popular North Indian dish made with cottage cheese and cooked in a creamy Gravy and is a vegetarian dish that is relished by a large number of people.Paneer pasada is also very similar to a sandwich. We use bread in sandwich, but in paneer pasada, paneer is used instead of bread.

Cashews, raisins, mint leaves, green chillies, ginger, coriander, leaves, paneer salt are also used in the filling of paneer pasada.

Paneer pasanda

To make paneer pasada, its gravy is first prepared.  Then its filling is prepared.  Then the filling is filled inside the paneer and it is fried.  Then it is cooked by adding it to the gravy.

If you do not want to add onions while making white gravy, then you can increase the quantity of cashews.

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paneer pasanda

Nutrition and calories

On serving bowl of Paneer Pasada gives around 600 to 700 calories

Prepartion and Cooking time of Paneer pasanda :

Preparation Time:- 10 minutes

cooking time :- 30 minutes

Paneer pasanda recipe:


Gravy for paneer pasand :-

Oil:- 1 TSP

Cinnamon stick:- ¼ inch

Butter:- 1 TSP

Black Cardamom:- 2nos

Green cardamom:- 2 nos

Cloves:- 2 nos

Ginger:- ½ inch

Slice garlic cloves:- 3

Onion roughly sliced :- 4 nos medium size

Bay leaf:- 2

Green chillies:- 2 broken into half

Cashewnut:- 15 nos

Beaten curd:- ½ cup

Water:- ½ cup

salt:- According to taste

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paneer pasanda

For Marination of Paneer Pasanda :-

Paneer:- 200 gm , cut into square slabs

For filling of paneer pasand :-

Chopped cashewnut:- 5-7

Chopped raisin:- 1 TSP

Chopped mint leaves:- ½ TSP

Chopped green chillies:- 3 nos

Chopped ginger:- 1 inch

chopped coriander leaves:- 1 TSP

Grated paneer:- 100 gm

salt:- As taste

Kashmiri chilli powder:- 1 TSP

paneer pasanda

For Slurry of paneer pasanda:-

Flour:- ¼ cup

cornstarch:- 1 TSP

salt:- as taste

vinegar:- ½ TSP

Water:- ¼ cup

For tempering

Butter:- 2 TSP

Green cardamom :- 2 nos

Green chilli :- 1 nos

Prepared gravy

Water:- ¼ cup

For garnish of paneer pasanda

Fresh mint leaves

chilli oil

paneer pasanda

Process of making paneer pasanda


1:- First of all, to make white gravy, we will chopp onion, ginger and garlic.

2:- Now take a non stick pan and put oil and butter in it. when it becomes hot, add cinnamon stick, black and green cardamom , cloves and fry it for some time..

3:- If you want, you can also use whole spices to make white gravy, but you will have to remove whole spices at the time of making gravy.

4:-Now we will put chopped green chilies in it, but keep in mind that this too has to be removed later.Now fry all the things well but the color should not come.

5:- Now add onions and fry well but the color should not come.

6:- Now add cashews and fry them a little. Now after adding curd add water and mix it well, don’t add too much water. Now let it cool down, but at the time of grinding gravy, take out all the spices except onion, cashew and curd.

8:.Now cut the paneer into squares.And keep it in wrapped cotton cloth so that it absorbs water. And take the curdled paneer in a ball.

9:- – To make the filling of paneer pasada, we will chop the remaining paneer, cashews, raisins, mint leaves, green chillies, Ginger, coriander leaves. And add salt and kashmiri red chilli Powder.If the paneer seems wet, you can add a little rava or a little cornstarch to it..Now we will mix this mixer well with hands.

10:- Now we will take out the paneer that we had wrapped in a cloth and cut it into matchstick-like thickness.Now put the filling of pasanda on the cut paneer slices and then place the paneer slices on top of it like they do in a sandwich.

11:- Now to make slurry, take flour, cornstarch, salt, vinegar and water in a bowl and mix it well. Now put the pasanda in the slurry bowl and close it from all sides.Now we will fry the pasanda, but note that the oil should not be too hot and the color should not come in the pasanda.

12:- Now to prepare the gravy, take a pan and put butter in it and add two cardamoms and two green chilies in it and after that add the gravy which has already been grinded and just shimmer it , don’t boil it.

13:- Now when the gravy gets simmered, take a plate and add white gravy to it, and then add paneer pasanda to it and garnish it with mint.


Some special things to make paneer pasanda. Use homemade paneer to make paneer pasada and note that the amount of water in it is very less and the feeling of paneer pasada has been made very spicy.

What is paneer pasanda made of?

paneer pasansa is a dish of indian cuisine , panner which is made of milk and it is made in white gravy , for example , paneer pasand is cooked in white gravy, for which filling is made using cheese along with raisin and some spices.

What is paneer pasanda made of?

paneer pasanda is made up of paneer .

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