`Best Chicken Burger | Simple and healthy recipe|

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Chicken burger :-


Burger, wow, mouth watering, the most famous and best street food burger available not only in India but in every corner of the world. A burger is a dish that has bread on top and bottom and several layers of chopped vegetables inside and a patty on top of the vegetables. There are many types of burgers in the world, but today we are going to make chicken patty, juicy chicken burger. In this blog I will show you how to make the best super and delicious creamy, juicy chicken burgers.



Main ingradients for chicken Burger:-

Ground chicken:- Ground chicken is the main ingradients , this recipe start from here .

Bread crumbs:- Bread crumbs create main roll for making the patty crispy.

Onion:-Onion is for flavour and texture.

Tomato:-Tomato is for flavour and texture.

Cucumber:- Cucumber is for flavour and texture.

Mayonnise:- Mayonnise makes the burger creamy and enhenced the flavor of burger .

Seasoning:- Seasoning is the best ingadient for enhenced the looks of dishes and incease the mouth taste.

Oil:- Oil is for frying and roasting .


Can we Store Chicken Burgers?

According to me we cant store the burger , we can store only burger patty , If we are storing burger it will be soggy and if using onion slice in it then after some time it start smelling . we can store burger patty in deep freezer for upto 6 months.


Preparation time : 15 minutes

Cooking time : 25-30 minutes



For sauteed veggis :-

Oil:- 2 tsp

Chopped ginger :- 1 inch

Green chillies :- 2 nos

Chopped green coriender stems:- 1 tsp

Chopped carrot:- 1 nos

Salt:- According to taste

Water:- As taste

For burger patty

Chicken mince :- 1 cup

Mayonnaise:- 1 tsp

Salt:- As taste

Black pepper powder:- 1/2 tsp

sauteed veggis:::- 1/3 cup

Dried origano:- 1/2 tsp

Bread crumbs :- As required

Oil:- As required

For Filling :-

Grated cheese:- 1 cup

Green chillies:- 2 nos

Dried origano:- 1/4 tsp

Bread crumbs:- 1 tsp

For Relish:-

Red bell pepper:- 1/2 piece

Yellow bell pepper:- 1/2 piece

Salt:- as taste

Black pepper powder:- 1/2 tsp

Mustard sauce :- 1 tsp

Honey :- 1 tsp

For Grilled Onion

Butter:- 2 tsp

Thick sliced onion:- 1 nos

Salt:- As taste

Black pepper powder:- 1 pinch

Other Ingradients :-

Burger buns


Sliced tomato

Sliced cucumber

Ice berg


Cheese slice

Process of making :-

1:- First finely chopped carrot , ginger , coriender stems , green chillies .

2:- Now take a pan at medium flame add oil and then chopped carrot , ginger , coriender stems , green chillies , salt and sprinkle some water. saute till carrot cooked .

3:- Now in a bowl take chicken mince , add mayonnaise ,salt, use either black pepper or chopped green chillies, mirepoix, oregano and mixx well.

4:- Now add fresh bread crumbs to get the good hold on texture .

5:- Now grade cheese and add green chillies and bread crumbs .

6:- Now make the mince mixture and stuff cheese and make a patty, and again coat in breadcrumbs for soaking.

7:- Now relish red, yellow pepper with blackpepper, honey and ground mustard seeds or you can crush mustard seeds dont overcooked, add salt and black pepper powder , and sprincle few water and add mustard sauce or mustard powder and honey. Cook till comes to soft boil, bell peppper will get soft in the heat and gets cooked and use later.

8:- Now cut slices of onion , cucumber and tomato.

9:- Now in a pan take oil at medium flame and fry the chicken patty. bake till 80% cook.

10:- Now cut the burger bun , add butter in pan and grill the bun both side , spread the mayonaise on burger bun as per perfrence , Season on every stage with salt and pepper, now put tomato slices , cucumber slices , add lettuce leaves now add chicken patty and relish. Add grilled onion and mayonnaise and a slice of cheese .

11:- Prick the safty stick to easily handle burger .

Some importance tips for making chicken burger :-

  • Mayonnaise tenderize the chicken and makes it cook faster , its a very good trick .
  • Food that is made with happiness is always good .
  • Its a basic science , commercial mayonnaise contains vinegar as predervetive which tenderize the chicken . And the fat moisturize the dry meat, As its an emulsion of oil and fat , it easily gets mixed with chicken
  • In chicken burger add vegetables which you dont eat.
  • If you feel the patty is lose breadcrumbs and chicken will hold the texture and keep it a aside .
  • This patty will get juicy as we have added mayonnaise and cheese
  • If you are making veg or chicken burger as they are dry add mayonnaise as it give moisture and richness .
  • Season on every stage with salt and pepper.
  • Add lettuce leaves , people think if they eat lettuce , they wiil be happy’
  • You cane store bell peppper relish for 15 days

Nutrition and calories:-

Amount Per 200 gm of chicken burger

Calories 566 , Total Fat 32 g, Total Carbohydrate 42 g

Saturated fat 9.4 g , Cholesterol 66 mg , Protein 26 g

Sodium 1051 mg , Potassium 388 mg

Vitamin B65%Cobalamin3%
Iron14%Vitamin D0%
Vitamin C8%Calcium3%

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