Cheese paratha

Cheese paratha , How to make , Easy recipe , Maryberry

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Cheese Paratha:-

cheese paratha

Paratha is the best dish for breakfast. It is made with chapati dough . but now days we makes paratha using filling in it and it inhanced the taste of paratha. paratha is also famous in street food . today we are going me make cheese paratha and we will use homely spices .

So guys , today we are going to teach you how paratha can be made very delecious and very tasty which everyone will like and todays recipe will be a very easy recipe.

cheese paratha

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Tips for preparing the dough:-

1:-Knead the dough with hand .

2:-Do not make stickey dough.

3:-Rest the dough for 10 to 15 minutes.

4:-Use normal water for making dough.

cheese paratha

Calorie and nutrition in serving 1 cheese paratha

Calorie:-201 gm

Carbs:- 21 gm

Fat:- 10 gm

protien:- 10 gm


cheese paratha


Aata dough


Smached potato:-

chopped Ginger

Sliced onion

Green coriender chopped


Kashmiri red chilli powder


Coriender powder:-

Cumin powder:-

Black pepper powder:-

Curdemom powder:-

Cinnemon powder:-

Garam masala:-

Schezwan sauce


Graded cheese


Time and duration

Preparation time:- 20 minutes

Resting time :- 10 minutes

Cooking time :- 5-8 minutes

Process of making Paratha:-

cheese paratha

1:-So to make cheese paratha, first of all we will prepare the dough by kneading it.

cheese paratha

2:- Now we will prepare the filling of paratha. For filling in a bowl take chopped capsicum, smashed potato, chopped ginger, chopped onion, chopped green coriander leaves, cottage cheese, kashmiri red chilli powder , salt , coriender powder , cumin powder , black pepper powder , curdemom powder , cinnemon powder , garam masala , schezwan sauce , fried papdi, graded cheese , mix all the ingradients well.

cheese paratha

3:-Now take a piece of wheat dough, Now roll it into rounds. And after putting the filling inside it, bring all four corners together to seal it completely, and again roll it completely till 7 inches.

cheese paratha

4:- Now either cook the paratha in full oil on the pan or can cook it like roti by adding a little oil on the pan.

cheese paratha

5:- Serve warm using curd or with chole .

cheese paratha

Tips for making cheese paratha:-

  • Do not overknead the dough.
  • Dough should not be stickey.
  • After kneading the dough give it a rest of at least 15 minutes.
  • You can use any colour capcicum.
  • The cheese willl melt as the paratha is baked , so serve the paratha hot.
  • More cheese more taste.
  • Do not keep the balanced filling.

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