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Ghewar  Recipe

About Ghewar

Ghewar is a very famous dessert in Rajasthan , India . Ghewar is such a dessert that one feels happy just by seeing it. The net made in ghewar is also a kind of art.


Looks exactly like a beehive? It is a famous desert of Rajasthan in round shape. To make which ghee, flour, water and ice are required. At first, you will not even believe how it could become like this. When it is cooked on high flame and it starts to take the form of a honeycomb, then when it comes out after cooking, it looks very different.

Ghewar  recipe

The method of making ghevar is also unique and after it is made, it is dipped in sugar syrup and garnished with dry fruits or rabri or sweets.

So friends , today we will make ghewar and will teach you . How to make ghewar and how to make ghewar in many flavoures . Stay tuned in our blogs .

Everyone has their own way of making it. Some people make special rings for this, in which they make different designs of ghevar.

Ghewar  recipe

Today’s Ghevar recipe, it is a very common recipe because it is the country of Rajasthan, so many outsiders do not know about it and it is very easy to make. No machine is required to make it. Very few things are used to make it, like we need flour, water and ghee to make it, and for its smoothness, we can use rabdi or sweets or dry fruits etc.So you would think that how can we store ghevar, it is simple. In big places, it is first made and kept. Or where ghevar is more sold, its base is pre-made and according to the demand of the customer, it is dipped in sugar syrup and after that it is garnished with rabri sweets and nuts.

Ghewar  recipe

Once the base of Ghevar is prepared and kept in a clean container, it will not spoil easily for about 1 month. And if the base is ready, then whenever you feel like eating ghevar, you simply take out its base and then dip it in a wire sugar syrup and serve it by adding rabri or nuts or sweets.

This dish is very popular on the Delhi side during the festival of Raksha Bandhan or Teej.

Ghewar  recipe




Tips for making ghever:-

  • Sift the flour you will be using two or three times.
  • Melt the ghee well.
  • Use good quality ice cube .
  • Use a plain pan to make the ghever batter.
  • Put ice cube in melted ghee and rub it untill it becomes very thick creamy.
  • Pour the flour little by little into the creamy ghee.
  • Pour the water little by little .
  • Keep the ghever solution very thin.
  • Fry the ghever in very hot oil.
  • After it is cooked , keep it on net so that all the oil comes out of it.
  • Use cardamom powder in sugar syrup for good smell
Ghewar  recipe

Time ,duration and Temperature , origin

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

topping and decoration : 15 minutes

Baking Temperature: 200 degree celcius

Origin : Rajasthan (India)

Ghewar  recipe


For ghever crust:

Ghee: 100 gm

Ice cube: as required

All purpose flour: 500 gm

Lemon juice: few drops

Water :- As required

For Sugar syrup:

Sugar: 200 gm

Water: 60 ml

Ghewar  recipe

Topping and garnishing:

Rabri, rasmalai, custard , whipping cream , pastry cream

Pista , almond , cashewnut , honey etc.

Ghewar  recipe

Process of making:- With picture

1:- To make sugar syrup of one string, take a pan. Will put sugar water in the pan. Now cook till a syrup of one string is formed

Ghewar  recipe

2- So, to make it batter, first of all, we will take a flat round plate .

Ghewar  recipe

3:- Now put melted ghee in it and rub it well with an ice cube, until it become very thick creamy.

Ghewar  recipe

4:- When it becomes completely creamy, add flour little by little and mix it. Take care that there are no lumps in it .

Ghewar  recipe

6:- Now add water to it and mix it well. Take care not to get lumps in it.

Ghewar recipe

7:-Now strain the batter.

Ghewar  recipe

9:-Now our batter is ready, Now we cook it.

Ghewar  recipe

10:- For cooking Ghever we take a flat pan, Use ghee for cook it.The oil for ghevar should be very hot.

Ghewar  recipe

11:-Some people make it into a ring. Some people make it in embroidery so it depends on you which shape you want to make? Whenever I make Ghevar, I use the ring for that.

Ghewar  recipe

12:- Now you can use many methods to pour the ghevar batter in the pan because some people pour it little by little with a spoon. I grab a bottle when I make. I make a small hole in the lid of the bottle and pour it little by little.You have to pour little by little in 10 to 12 times until it becomes in the shape of a honeycomb. When it becomes golden brown, now Remove it.

Ghewar  recipe

13:- Now drip the ghever base into the sugar syrup, and hang it for some times .

Ghewar  recipe

14:- Now garnish the ghever with rabri , custard or with whipping cream and serve this amazing dessert.

Ghewar  recipe

Can we store ghever ?

Yes can store ghever base for month when you want to eat then drip the base into suger syrup.

how many types of ghever ?

I think ghever is only one type but flavour is unliited types.

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