Fried rice

Fried Rice | Recipe | How to make | Quick and Easy

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About Fried Rice :-

Feied rice is very popular chinese traditional dish , which is famous in every restaurant ,this is made of cooked rice and some vegetables like baby corn , carrot , onion and capcicum and some spices. In some shops they use eggs . For garnishing of fried rice we use spring onion. This is famous because it gets ready in 3-4 minutes .

Fried rice is a very simple dish , and family friendly , and simple to make .

What is fried rice :-

Fried rice is a traditional chinese food which is famous in all over the world, this is cooked in wok first vegetables are cooked and then rice are added , then chilli sauces and vineger and some spices and salt and stire fried. and served hot with sauce and also with gravy.

How Chef makes Best Fried rice..

In restaurant or in cafe or hotels all ingradients are ready, when getting order chef keeps the wok on flame and adds oil and then add all chopped vegetables and stire fry for 1 minutes and then adds boiled rice and chilli sauce and ajinomoto and and stire fry for 2 minutes at high flame , this dish gets ready within 3-4 minutes .

Types of Fried Rice:-

The variety of fried rice is countless , fried rice can be made in many variety , you can add any flavour in fried rice , this is the main dish in any menu card . some name of fried rice are like chicken fried rice , schezwan fried rice , manchurian fried rice , beef fried rice .


Nutrition Facts (per serving)

calories in fried rice

Main Ingradients :-

Boiled rice

Chopped vegetables

Chillis sauce


Recipe ( Ingradients

Oil:- Capcicum Boiled Nonstick rice

Green chilli :- Red chilli sauce

Ginger:- Green chilli sauce

Garlic:- Vinegar

Onion:- Soya sauce

Cabbage:- Salt

Carrot:- Ajinomoto

Beans :- White Pepper

Points for making Fried Rice :-

1:- Dont over boil the rice .

2:- Befour making fried rice keep the material ready .

3:- Do not over fry the rice .

4:- Dont over cook the vegetables .

5:- Fried rice should be ready within 3-4 minutes .

6:- Use Non stick pan in making Fried rice .

Process of making Fried Rice :-

1: Take a non stick wok at medium flame add ginger and galic and chopped green chilli and stire fry by adding all the vegetables .

2:- Now a the boiled rice .

3:- Now add red and green chilli sauce , vineger , soya sauce , salt , ajinomoto, , white pepper.

4:- Now add rice and stire fry at high flame for 1 minutes .

5:- Garnish the fried rice with choppped spring onion .

fried rice

which oil is used in fried rice ?

Any refined oil can be used in making fried rice .

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